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Monuments: following the footsteps of history, tales and legends

The tracks of rich history of Krapkowice Land survived till today as numerous monuments especially architecture. Among especially charming places of historic character there are: the market place in Krapkowice and parks in Rogów Opolski and Dąbrówka Górna.

The market place in Krapkowice

The most elegant part of Krapkowice is the market place with a typically medieval architecture – the fountain in the middle surrounded by old tenements, one next to the other situated at the plan of a rectangle cut by a narrow access streets. The oldest tenement comes from 17th century – the House in the Market Place no. 4 with unchanged façade from 1784. It was burned in 1945 and rebuilt in 1950. Late baroque, corner located at the end. The front facade is five axial with an entrance in the alcove closed by segments, the saddle roof covered with eternit. One of the corner tenements is decorated with Krapkowice coat of arms – there used to be magistracy, nowadays there is a restaurant. There used to be a wooden town hall in the middle of the market place, it was burnt in the fire in 1845 and has been never rebuilt.

  • The Tower of the Upper Gate and town walls
  • The ruins of knights castle in Otmęt
  • The castle in Rogów Opolski (the castle park complex)
  • The Assumption Church in Otmęt  

Krapkowicka_baszta_2004.jpeg KRAPKOWICE_-_Baszta_2006.jpeg Ruiny_zamku_w_Otmęcie.jpeg Ruiny zamku w Otmęcie.jpeg
Migdał 041.jpeg Kościół pw. WNMP w Otmęcie.jpeg Plebania_i_kościół_pw.WNMP_w_Otmęcie.jpeg

From the old church only the gothic tower from broken stone was preserved and few elements from the 14th century used as trusses. The church is surrounded by stone wall built at the turn of the 6th and 17th centuries. We also have to mention the grave stones of Jerzy Buchta (the owner of Otmęt who died in 1608) and of Fryderyk Czettricz von Kinsberg (who died in 1610). Near the church there is the chapel from the half of the 19th century, brick, neogothic. The church is surrounded by stone wall from the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries.

  • Saint Fabian and Sebastian Church in Kórnica
  • The Saint Apostles Filip and Jacob the Older Church in Rogów Opolski

Kórnica - kościół.jpeg Rogów Opolski - kościół.jpeg

The Parish church in Rogów Opolski of Saint Apostles Filip and Jacob the Older was erected in 1300. The oldest document on the church comes from 1335. At the end of 16th century it was converted and extended by a square tower and a chapel. During the thirty years war (1618-1648) it used to be the Protestant church. It is an early gothic church with visible renaissance elements, built with brick and plastered. Among the most precious elements there are the baroque main altar from the 2nd half of the 17th century with sculptures of Saints and angels and the pulpit from around 1700 with bas-reliefs of Evangelists. There is also a stone roman baptismal font from 16th century. On the font one may notice an illegible inscription. Another historic objects in the church are as follows: the crosses, the monstrance from the 2nd half of the 18th century funded by Fryderyk Rogoyski and a chalice from the 2nd half of the 17th century.

herb na krapkowickim rynku.jpeg
ZAMEK 1.jpeg Park w Rogowie Opolskim 2.jpeg Park w Rogowie Opolskim 1.jpeg Mury obronne.jpeg
Krapkowicki rynek_narożny dom z herbrm.jpeg krapkowicki rynek_dom nr 4.jpeg 110_1078.jpeg krapkowice_rynek.jpeg
Kościół św. Mikołaja.jpeg 042krapkowice_zamek-dziedziniec.jpeg Dziedziniec krapkowickiego zamku.jpeg Dąbrówka Górna.jpeg
dabrowka gorna-dwor.jpeg 084krapkowice_kosciol sw. mikolaja.jpeg Krapkowice_zamek - wejście na dziedziniec.jpeg 035krapkowice_widok na zamek.jpeg


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