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Krapkowice Socio-economic Situation

Krapkowice is one of the most dynamically developing township in Opole Voivoideship. Nowadays there are over 2000 economic entities in the Krapkowice township area.

During the last several years Krapkowice has totally changed its employment structure. At present most of the inhabitants are employed in the private sector, in wellprospering companies such as: POM, CHESPA, BIS Multiserwis and Coroplast. New job positions have been created recently by opening 5 hypermarkets. An income per capita is higher than an average income in the voivoideship, which places Krapkowice on the third position considering the township own earnings. As for investment expenditures Krapkowice and adjoining villages are among the five best investing administrative districts in Opole Voivodeship. This results in a small unemployment rate, which is about 13%. Meantime the inhabitants of Krapkowice have the highest average income in Opole Voivodeship.

Krapkowice’s image is based on a modern type of management that agrees with European standards. A good example of this is the complex socioeconomic programs that are being introduced to develop the township and improve the life of its citizens. Other programs worth mentioning are
  • Strategy of Krapkowice Community Development
  • Plan of Local Development of Krapkowice Community
  • Strategy of Social Problems Solving
In recent years groups of disabled people and people threatened by social exclusion have been paid special attention to. Public works supported by non-governmental organizations have played an important role here.
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