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At Intersection of European Communication Routes

Krapkowice geographical coordinates are 50.21°N and 17.58°E. The township (the town and sourrounding villages) areas are situated at 170- 200 m above sea level (AMSL).

Krapkowice is a picturesque town situated on the Oder River (‘Odra’) at the Osobłoga mouth, in the central part of Opole Voivodeship. It is a place pulsing with life and positive energy; a place where tradition harmonizes with modernity and environment that naturally melts into the surrounding landscape.

Krapkowice has the great advantage of being located at the intersection of two important communication routes. The first route is the A4 highway that makes west - east axis; the traditional trading route that runs to the Czech Republic and Moravia north - south marks the second one. Krapkowice township is located at the joining of Niemodlińska Plain (Równina Niemodlińska) and Raciborska Basin (Kotlina Raciborska) and it is through the areas of the latter one that the most important European route runs – the A4 highway.

Owing to two motorway exits Krapkowice makes an important communication knot situated in the centre of the A4 highway. With no obstacle is it possible to get to Katowice or Wrocław within less than an hour, and to other European capital cities such as Warsaw, Prague and Berlin within four hours. Krapkowice is a place that is attractive for both citizens and investors as it is relatively close to Katowice and Wrocław agglomeration, industrial areas of the Czech Republic near Ostrava and the river route on the Oder.

The township consists of Krapkowice town and 11 villages (sołectwa): Borek, Dąbrówka Górna, Gwoździce, Kórnica, Nowy Dwór Prudnicki, Pietna, Rogów Opolski, Steblów, Ściborowice, Żużela, Żywocice.

The population of the town and the surrounding areas comes from different ethnic groups that live together in harmony. Krapkowice township covers the surface of 98 km2 which is inhabited by over 24 000 people (with 17 815 being town inhabitants). Among them is also Miss Polonia 2005 – Malwina Ratajczak.

The dynamic development of air transport for both passengers and goods together with the closeness with the airports in Katowice and Wrocław make Krapkowice an attractive spot. Another available civilian airport is in Kamień Śląski, 15 km away from Krapkowice and there are plans to build an international airport there. Due to its nice location, Krapkowice can be a perfect base for investors and tourists visiting the Opole Region, Katowice or Wrocław agglomeration at such events as the European Football Championship ‘Euro 2012’.

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