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The visit card of Krapkowice

Krapkowice: competence, diligence, thrift, hospitality

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Krapkowice Land is a charming place which from the every first moments captivates its visitors and does not allow to be forgotten. Everybody who has visited our small mother land comes back here quickly – because it is a good place to live, relax and invest. 

Krapkowice Land is full of life and positive energy. It is full of greenery and interesting beauty spots. The surrounding woods and water reservoirs create a great recreation center for  people looking for relax, history lovers will find here monuments and investors a favorable climate and space for development.

The location on the crossroads of important communication routes is the biggest advantage of Krapkowice: a traditional trade route to the Czech Republic and Moravia and one of the most important road routes in Europe – A-4 motorway. Thanks to two exits from the motorway Krapkowice district constitutes an important communication junction situated in the middle of the A-4 motorway. Another advantage of Krapkowice, apart from the convenient communication junction, is a perfectly maintained sailing route on the Odra river and closeness of two international airports in Katowice and Wrocław. Besides, in Kamień Śląski, 15 km away, there is a civil airport.

Beyond any doubt the inhabitants are treasure of Krapkowice Land - they are open minded to new initiatives, hardworking, and entrepreneurial, with a strong feeling of tradition and local identity. This hospitality and frankness resulted in concluding agreements of partnership and cooperation between local societies, institutions and companies. Today Krapkowice may take pride in realization of common projects with partner cities: Camas and Hillsboro (USA), Wissen and Neugersdorf (Germany), Lipova Lazne (Czech Republic), Rohatyn (Ukraine), Morawica and Zabierzów (Poland). The regional partners of the district are: the Districts Union „Aqua Silesia”, the Districts Union “Prokado”, Self-government Association „A-4”, Krapkowice Association of Economic Development and Promotion and Association of Polish Districts in Pradziad Euroregion.

In the last years the Krapkowice image has changed. The role of big industrial plants decreased and small and medium size private companies gained a stronger position. The newest economic investments in the Krapkowice district: Trade-Service Center in Otmęt, Spedycja i Logistyka Paul Schockemöhle Polska Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.); Salon motorowo-rowerowy (Motor-bicycle saloon), BIS Multiserwis Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.).

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The Kraplowice authorities take care about good atmosphere for investment – it is confirmed by numerous certificates and honorable mentions: „Golden location for business”, “Clear Poland”, “Ground for a medal”. All entrepreneurs who would like to invest in Krapkowice are offered attractive investment grounds, professional advice, help of the self-government institutions and tax reliefs and exemptions by the city authorities .

Due to situational advantages and favorable climate for entrepreneurs Krapkowice constitutes a crucial point on the economic map of Opolszczyzna region. Krapkowice district is one of the most quickly developing districts of Opole Province. Presently over two thousand companies operate in the district including 95 dynamically functioning medium size and big companies.

The strong position of the district is confirmed by the income per head higher than average in the province. As far as expenditures on investment are concerned Krapkowice and neighbor districts belong to the first five poviats with the best investment of Opole Province.

In recent years (2002 – 2006) a few self-government investment were realized in Krapkowice district:

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  • Sports hall was built at Public Gymnasium no. 2 in Krapkowice,
  • Sanitary sewage system was finished in the area of Chrobrego- Żeromskiego-Górna streets in Krapkowice and in Dąbrówka Górna, Gwoździce, Rogów Opolski, Steblów,
  • Conditions were prepared for development of gas system in the area of  Żeromskiego - Chrobrego - Górna streets,
  • The hotel building no. 5 at Krasickiego street in Otmęt was adapted for flats,
  • The dwelling building was redecorated at Parkowa street in Krapkowice,
  • The tower and town walls were renovated in Krapkowice,
  • A building at Opolska street was adapted for the Tax Office,
  • New roads were built and old roads and pavements were repaired,
  • The gangway, destroyed during the flood, on the railway bridge in Krapkowice was rebuilt,
  • New street lanterns were placed in the town and the district,
  • The land development plans were updated and new one were created (e.g. Gold, Ks. Koziołka-Górna street, Ks. Koziołka street – A-4, Rogów Opolski at motorway exit, plant area „Otmęt”),
  • Territorial development of investment lands and single family houses plots was continued,
  • Recreational areas were organized at Ks. Koziołka street (Eichendorff’s square).

Thanks to the district investments, but not only, Krapkowice became an attractive place for realization of sports passions and passing free time (hiking and cycling, horse riding, fishing, golf and agritourism).

pałac w dąbrówce górnej.jpeg Apart from constantly developing tourist base also nature has a lot to offer. Picturesque views and nature values encourage to a visit. Among particularly charming places of historical character there are parks in Rogów Opolski, Dąbrówka Górna and Żużela. Botanic peculiarities exist along the Osobłoga river and in its valleys where there were rich plants clusters. Springs located in Rogów Opolski woods are also unique.

Krapkowice district is among the regions with the warmest climate in Poland. Early spring, warm summer, long autumn, mild winter and moderate precipitation create uniquely favorable conditions for tourism and leisure whole year round.

Krapkowice Land is an ideal place for cycling lovers. Cyclists will find here professionally prepared and marked cycling routes which are the result of the common Polish-Czech project realized from European funds. The routes run along asphalt roads and dirt roads across the most interesting sights of our district and the neighbor districts to the Czech Republic border.
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When you travel in Krapkowice Land, despite picturesque views, you may come across unusual plants and numerous monuments e.g. Krapkowice castle, the knights castle ruins in Otmęt, the Tower of the Upper Gate with the town walls, the castle in Rogów Opolski, the palace in Dąbrówka Górna, parish churches and roadside crosses and shrines.

The vast historic store is constituted by remains of primary lime and cement industry so called lime kilns, which exist in Krapkowice at Opolska street, they are a spot and make a basis for creation of the lime kilns route.

Krapkowice – the capital of Krapkowice_most drogowy.jpeg Krapkowice district - is a beautiful and spruce town located on both banks of the Odra River. The town is linked by two bridges: road and railway (destroyed during the flood in 1997 and nowadays rebuilt). There is the old town of Krapkowice on the left bank part with a picturesque market place, housing estates and investment areas. On the right bank quarter “Otmęt” there are a few big housing estates and industrial zones. There is also a seat of self-government authorities: of the town and the poviat. Numerous monuments in connection with modern buildings make the town charming and exceptional.

The market place surrounded by tenements is the most elegant part of the town, the oldest tenement comes from the 18th century. Every day at noon, as in Cracow, in Krapkowice market place you can listen to the bugle call from the nearby Tower of the Upper Gate (Krapkowice Tower). A handmade postcard from a handmade paper is an unusual souvenir from a visit to the tower and a handmade paper plant “Czerpuś”. Inside the tower, on particular floors there are arts exhibitions presenting the most interesting spots and places of Krapkowice Land. An observation deck on the top of the tower is another attraction, from which you can admire beautiful panorama of the Opawskie Mountains. The place is willingly visited by inhabitants as well as guests. Therefore, the town authorities try to preserve beauty of the Krapkowice Land. A strong emphasis is put on investments connected with restoration of culture heritage objects. The restoration of the said tower and town walls in Krapkowice is an example of it. Taking care of green lands like development of town park in Krapkowice-Otmęt is also of big importance.

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Modern management in accordance with European standards is a mark of Krapkowice. It is confirmed by approved and systematically introduced in life complex socio-economic programs aiming at development of the whole district as well as improvement of life of its inhabitants. The most important tasks for the coming years are as follows:

  • Continuation and finishing building of the indoor swimming pool with recreation facilities at Wrzosów street in Krapkowice,
  • Realization of roads and pavements surface rebuilding program in the whole district,
  • Continuation of expansion of sanitary sewage collectors system in: Ściborowice, Nowy Dwór, Żywocie, Pietna, Borek, Żużela,
  • Installation of gas-supply lines of a housing estate in Krapkowice-Otmęt (streets: Górna, Żeromskiego, Chrobrego),
  • Continuation of idea-design works on the second bridge crossing on the Odra river,
  • Continuation of investment areas fitting at A-4 exits,
  • Modernization of street lighting (exchange for energy saving lighting)
  • Further development of cycling routes,
  • Development of green complexes: Leśna-Jagiellońska streets, the park at Kozielska street (hospital area), KS „Unia”stadium area,
  • Adaptation of post-industrial building at Opolska street for Social Re-adaptation Center
  • Maintenance and assurance of proper facilities base for needs of basic health care in country area,
  • Continuation of school base improvement – building gym halls in Żywocice and Kórnica,
  • Further acquisition of plots for single family houses in 3 Maja street and Żeromskiego street,
  • Comprising all inhabitants in a selective waste collection system,
  • Active participation in building of a waste segregation line
  • Liquidation of illegal garbage dumps located in the district.
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