Church of the Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary in Otmęt

The first mention of the church comes from 1223. At the beginning of the fourteenth century, a brick, gothic church was built, connected directly with the castle. From 1302 it was under the patronage of Cistercians from Jemielnica, while in the years 1534 - 1638 in the possession of Protestants. Church chronicles mention that in 1723 the parish bought the eastern castle tower from the then owner of Otmęt Magdalena von Larisch to connect it with the church. At that time, a new nave was built between the tower and the gothic chancel. In 1902, the church was expanded, while in January 1945 it was burned by the Red Army troops entering the area. Rebuilt in the neo-baroque style a year later, thanks to the efforts of the parish priest Monsignor Franciszek Duszy. Consecrated on August 15, 1946. From the former temple, only a gothic tower of broken stone and a few elements of fourteenth-century architecture, used as corbels, have survived. Noteworthy are also the Renaissance tombstones of Jerzy Buchta (owner of Otmęt who died in 1608) and Frederick Czettricz von Kinsberg (d. 1610). At the church there is a brick, neo-gothic chapel from the mid-nineteenth century. The church is surrounded by a stone wall from the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.